Our approach

ConexusCare’s ethos is to create value for clients through enhanced programs for patient, care team and clinical trial support.

The depth and breadth of our expertise enables us to identify and avoid challenges such as those surrounding treatment adherence, trial recruitment and patient retention.

We provide an A to Z of patient solutions spanning strategy development, program implementation and performance optimisation as well as the underlying technology infrastructure. We also handle ongoing program management, including international coordination.

At the outset of a project, we work with clients to select elements of our offering that will most improve current activity. Then we create a cohesive framework that integrates seamlessly with existing assets. Once the project is underway, a dashboard interface facilitates real-time progress monitoring. This essential feature makes results more accessible and manageable for end users.

Creating win:win for ConexusCare and our Client partners

To demonstrate our commitment to building long term partnerships with our clients we also operate a financial risk-sharing where we link our costs to pre-agreed key performance indicators.

What we do

Mission: to leverage our combined capabilities developing integrated solutions that improve program performance, making a positive difference to the lives of patients and enhancing clients’ return on effort.