CRM Suite

Our comprehensive CRM suite, provided by Harte Hanks, encompasses the tools and technologies required to deliver and manage patient programs.

Harte Hanks can either
design and build CRM systems from the ground-up or skillfully adapt existing third party technology. This ensures any special requirements or adaptations can be embraced at an early stage in the process.

Sophisticated, bespoke CRM is a defining feature of our highly-specified solutions and their intrinsic optimisation to meet business needs. It forms an underlying infrastructure from which we facilitate improved communications and relationships between healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers.

All elements of activity – from database management to phone calls, emails, SMS and direct mail – are handled in one place. This enhances cohesion and affordability, as well as ensuring data is held securely. 

  • End-to-end CRM (comprehensive, purpose built programs incorporating the full spectrum of strategy, data analytics, creative development and fulfilment)
  • Digital services (websites, online reporting, apps, email communications, SMS)
  • Data management and secure hosting
  • Print and fulfilment