Nurse solutions

ConexusCare’s nurse solutions are delivered by Novellas Healthcare to support all phases of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle, from development to commercialisation and patient adherence.

Core capabilities include the recruitment and retention of patients for clinical trials as well as education and support of patients to improve quality of care and therapy outcomes.

Our nurses are trained
behavioural change facilitators providing educative and emotional support and fostering better patient attitudes to reinforce positive behaviours and uplift treatment benefits. A combination of empathy and practical advice helps patients overcome obstacles they face during treatment, stimulating better self-care. 

Healthcare professional support nurse solutions

  • Patient clinics – where nurse coaches work with hospital teams to administer patient support programs at day clinics.
  • Patient information sessions – working with physicians and hospital care teams our nurses conduct educational sessions with their patients.
  • Train-the-trainer sessions – to inform/educate larger groups of hospital care team or community nurses on new treatments and technologies.

Patient support nurse solutions

  • Specialised adherence nurses – personalised nurse coach support provided throughout the support program and delivered at key points along the patient journey to educate, encourage and foster change in attitudes to sustain patient adherence.
  • Remote patient coaching – using behavioural change techniques via phone, chat or email follow-up sessions to support patients remotely.
  • Home support – nurses visit patients at home to instruct them on more complex treatments and provide educational support.