Study site support

Patient recruitment and retention is a critical success factor for any clinical trial.

ConexusCare have proven experience in the management and optimisation of patient recruitment and retention in clinical studies. We are able to combine the strengths of each of our core businesses to deliver solutions to enhance enrolment of the right patients and educational and emotional support to retain patients for the duration of the study.

Once recruitment is complete, our ongoing trial site support and patient retention comprises three core elements:

1. Nurse support

Our nurses can help clients get sites up and running in readiness for clinical trials. They also provide support between patients’ site visits. The level of interaction varies according to treatment requirements and can range from assistance with injections to education on how to take medication properly.

2. Device provisioning and materials fulfilment

We offer an outsourced solution for the logistics surrounding hardware and support materials for clinical trials. This involves shipping devices and associated equipment to the correct locations as well as handling the print and supply of assets such as manuals and patient training guides.

3. Technical support

ConexusCare can train patients and healthcare professionals in the use of digital devices. We also offer a troubleshooting service for users experiencing problems with their equipment. If a patient fails to enter data, or enters data incorrectly, a response is triggered from either the nursing or technical support team.