About ConexusCare

At ConexusCare we understand the full spectrum of patient related issues facing international pharmaceutical organisations today.

The nature and impact of these challenges varies according to factors such as disease type and differences in treatment procedures across territories. That’s why our
holistic patient-centric solutions follow an intelligent modular design. They are custom built in line with clients’ corporate goals and patient journeys. Structuring our solutions in this way also ensures inherent flexibility and scalability.

We have a deep understanding of patients’ needs and key touchpoints with healthcare professionals for different conditions. This knowledge is used to inform the selection and deployment of our proven communications techniques, technologies and nurse-led solutions.

Our goal is to mitigate issues that hinder treatment with activity that is rooted in strategic insight and operational excellence. Everything we do is underpinned by a robust, comprehensive infrastructure to guide patients from the point of diagnosis onwards. We also comply fully with regulations governing storage of personal data and the execution of pharmacovigilance reporting when required.

The stakes are high in this competitive industry and challenges are complex. We bring clarity and unity, helping clients achieve positive differentiation and better outcomes.

What we do

Vision: to deliver exceptional patient and stakeholder experiences via bespoke patient-centric solutions which differentiate our clients.